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"Cave shoes" uneven price will cause cancer?

Have sales holes shoes booth. However, the same hole shoes, but the price varies widely. In a well-known shopping malls in our city, the reporter saw a pair of cave shoes in the price of 300 yuan, and minimal discount, by contrast, the price of the hole in the supermarket sales of shoes a lot cheaper at once. The reporter saw in a supermarket, although not many new hole shoes, but the victory is cheaper, the price of a pair of shoes between 25 yuan to 40 yuan. In the commodity wholesale market, the price of the hole shoes 40 yuan to 50 yuan. Xiao Zhou, who graduated from junior high school this year, told reporters that she bought the new hole shoes this summer, the price of 80 yuan, although later saw a lot of 40 yuan hole shoes, but later she found that penny stocks , $ 40 hole shoes obviously not wearing soft and comfortable. Ms. Shen bought a pair at the mall last year